An archive of artwork, described by people from all walks of life.

The project was born out of a determination to break the stigma surrounding art discourse, that only those with the ‘cultural capital’ could access these works or appreciate them, having witnessed the sense of inadequacy or apologetic tone people adopt whenever the conversation steers towards art and design. These descriptions demonstrate our innate ability to resonate with the themes or visual elements explored by the artist- regardless of prior knowledge- and also opens up a discussion on what constitutes as art in the first place.

A new approach to exploring art

This site offers an unconventional way of engaging with art, in which it’s description is read before viewing the work, encouraging imagination and a greater connection once the image is revealed. The archive is organised by thematic keywords provided by their given descriptions, rather than traditional categories of period or geographic origin, allowing you to draw similarities between artworks that have never been considered before.

Above all, About Art  celebrates the power of art, from citing the experience of seeing your favourite painting in person for the first time, to the books or music it reminds you of- emotional responses that are often neglected from educational resources, but arguably play an equally important role as it’s social or historical context. 

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